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Today the Conservatives announced plans to pull public funding of onshore windfarms and change the way planning permission is granted if they win again in 2015. Renewables UK have said this would kill the onshore wind industry. Tutors on CAT’s Renewable Energy and the Built Environment masters course reacted to the news:

“The effect of removing subsidies for onshore wind will be to seriously damage British industry and increase energy prices for consumers. Onshore wind energy is the cheapest source of renewable energy, which means with support cut a future government would have to rely on more expensive technologies – pushing energy prices up.

“The IPCC report last week showed that the world urgently needs to switch to renewable sources of energy. We need investment in all forms of renewable energy, but the government should in particular be supporting those that already have the capacity to deliver for Britain and have thousands of skilled workers.

“The cut in support for onshore wind would be an arbitrary political move designed to appeal to a very small proportion of the population. More than 60% of people would prefer to live near to a windfarm than a fracking site, yet this government continues to support environmentally irresponsible fracking rather than the British wind industry.

“We would like to see increased political support for community ownership of wind and other renewable sources. Those countries like Germany and Denmark which have achieved high levels of renewable capacity also tend to be those who have broad-based ownership of their electricity generation.”

Kit Jones, CAT Media Officer 

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