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For three weeks CAT’s Strawbale Theatre was transformed into an inventor’s den when we ran Eco Easter Activities. Kids of all ages got involved in designing and building solar-powered machines, some of them amazingly complex. For the water-bound vehicles a nearby pond became the launching point for great voyages, powered by the sun and the wind. All of the machines were built using recycled materials, and the scope for invention was only limited by the imagination.

A young solar engineer shows off his creation

We have seen boats of all different shapes and sizes set sail – some more successful than others. Milk bottles were always a popular choice, providing a nice solid barge that was less likely to capsize. Alongside innovation was decoration, and boats were soon covered in glitter, feathers and stickers.

An exploration below the water revealed a new world of creatures to investigate. Pond-dipping discoveries included newts, frogspawn, phantom midge larvae, a dragonfly larva, lesser water boatmen and… water fleas.

Play dough, Easter card making and a scavenger hunt were just some of the other activities we enjoyed doing during the Easter holidays. Thanks to some creative craft sessions, the office now hosts Elaine the Owl and a rather fantastical feedback box.

Megan and Freya with Elaine the Owl

Thanks to all who called by over Easter. We will be running more activities for children and adults during the summer, so do come and visit. Updates will be posted on our website nearer the time.