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IMG_20151210_182556As negotiations are officially extended till Saturday afternoon, a new draft text released last night at 9pm has gone someway to cutting through the points of disagreement. However key issues still remain;

Loss and Damage

“Loss and damage” is the idea that compensation should be paid to vulnerable states for climate-related events that they cannot adapt to and that they did not cause. Loss and damage takes into account the historical responsibility of long developed countries greenhouse gas emissions. However developed countries seem prepared to accept the idea of loss and damage as long as it is offset by a phrase the rejects liability and compensation.

Adriano Campolina, ActionAid chief executive said: “By including a clause for no future claim of compensation and liability, the US has ensured people suffering from the disastrous impacts of climate change will never be able to seek the justice owed to them.”

This article from Vox gives a bit more background into the loss and damage issue

1.5 degrees

The current wording in the draft text is to “hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C. ”

However there is a glaring gap in the INDC’s proposed by 180 countries which would bring the world to 3°C. Environmental campaigners are calling for stronger wording in the agreement that will leave fossil fuels in the ground and mean that developed countries have to make deep emissions cuts by 2050.

Shipping and Aviation

These crucial areas are still excluded from the draft agreement, as CAT commented yesterday they are responsible for 5% of global carbon emissions and both are are projected to grow. We said it yesterday but it is equally valid today.

“Any deal coming out of Paris must include shipping and aviation. These currently account for 5% of global carbon emissions and if not included in the agreement we could see continued large growth in these emissions which will undermine efforts to reduce emissions elsewhere.  CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain project has shown that it is possible to get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions using technology available today, but this requires an integrated approach covering all sectors.”


Transforming the global economy will cost trillions and rich countries have committed $100 billion to the pot but there is no clear route or timetable as to how this money will be mobilised. Developing countries are demanding stronger guarantees rich countries will deliver on their pledges in 2020 and beyond – and that there will be more funds available to deal with the climate impacts they are already experiencing.


As the climate talks falter, thousands of activists from across the globe are in Paris- taking part in talks, discussions, sharing ideas and solutions that move beyond the limits of the proposed climate agreement. The red-line action taking place today inside the climate talks and tomorrow at the Arc de Triomphe. There is still a ban on public protests in Paris that has been implemented in France under the State of Emergency.