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When was the last time you pumped toxic chemicals into the earth in order to get out some burnable gas? When did you last help dictators to purchase weapons? When did you last call for new coal fired power stations to be built?

The likelyhood is that you haven’t done any of these things. Unfortunately, the likelyhood is that your money has been doing exactly that. When you put money in a bank it doesn’t just sit there – it goes out and changes the world! Your bank uses the savings you deposit to fund all kinds of things, and many of them are changing the world for the worse.

Move your money is a campaign to teach people about what their money gets up to if they don’t keep an eye on it. Tim Hunt from the Ethical Consumer Magazine describes the environmental damage caused by the major banks lending policies:

“The UK’s biggest banks continue to avoid taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. From tar sands investments to the funding of coal mining and aviation projects, it seems no investment is off limits – whatever the environmental consequences. The banks often pay lip-service to environmentally responsible lending, through membership of groups such as the UNEP Finance Initiative, and through paper-thin policies and PR spin. But the reality is a long way from the rhetoric.” from Move Your Money.

So this weeks green tip doesn’t involve any change in your way of life, it involves making sure your money isn’t doing naughty things when you’re not watching. The good news is there are plenty of other options out there and Move Your Money can help.


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