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This week, two staff members embarked on a scuba diving mission to inspect the state of the pipe submerged deep in the reservoir above CAT. The pipe, which transports water from the reservoir down to CAT for all the taps on site as well as for the hydro system, is essential to CAT’s day-to-day running.

Alice and Paul have both been diving for about 15 years. Rumour had it that the reservoir was rather deep, so they were surprised to find that it only descended to 4.5 metres at its deepest point. The underwater view was apparently autumnal, the bottom covered with a thick layer of leaves and silt, with long plants growing underwater near the water’s edge.

Asides from one fish, and a bucket later reunited with its owner, the reservoir didn’t contain any unexpected surprises. CAT’s intrepid dive team found the pipe in good condition, with a few photos to show to those less aquatically able what the underwater world was like.