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For clarification, the services and activities provided by CAT Charity Ltd, i.e. Graduate School of the Environment, School visit services, Eco Cabins, Research and Visitor Centre along with the support services are unaffected by the recent announcement made by the Directors of CAT Plc.

The overall activities of the Centre for Alternative Technology are split between two legally separate and independently managed companies.

a.      CAT Plc, a company which provides the trading services of the Centre is governed by a Board of Directors; and

b.      CAT Charity Ltd, an educational and sustainable development charity, committed to informing, inspiring and enabling practical solutions for sustainable living is governed by a separate and independent     Board of Trustees.

CAT Plc directors, having taken appropriate financial and legal advice on the future viability of the company have recently provided their shareholders with updated information on the company’s position. It was concluded, being unable to obtain an alternative solution, and to benefit CAT as a whole, that a proposal be submitted to the Trustees of CAT Charity Ltd for their consideration.

CAT Charity Ltd having received a formal proposal from the Directors of CAT Plc has at its Board meeting on the 24th January taken a decision to undertake a financial due diligence process on all activities undertaken by CAT Plc. Following that process, the CAT Charity Ltd Board will consider which of the CAT Plc’s activities would be inappropriate to be absorbed within the Charity, with a decision on the outcome expected to be announced in the near future.