Vacancy: Artist in Residence to commemorate 40 years of life at ‘The Quarry’

Vacancy: Artist in Residence to commemorate 40 years of life at ‘The Quarry’

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Further details of the vacancy can be found on CAT’s vacancy page. The deadline for applications is 9am, 19th November.

CAT is now looking for two visual artists to work alongside staff to create artwork of lasting value that commemorates its 40-year history. The three-month residencies, sponsored by the Arts Council of Wales, will ask the two artists to spend time exploring an archive of historic material, including documents, photographs and a large oral history collection. The final piece will represent the past and point towards the future, as CAT explores new directions moving into the next phase of its history.

“In the early 1970s I took a sabbatical and went to America. I talked to senior business and professional people and came to the conclusion that a lot of people realised there was a major problem, but were locked into what they were doing. I came back thinking what was needed was a project to show the nature of the problem and to indicate ways of going forward”.

Gerard Morgan-Grenville CAT, Founder of CAT

CAT is based in a disused quarry in Mid-Wales, UK. It started as an experimental community with a handful of environmental pioneers in the winter of 1974 and has grown into a globally known educational institution. We want our Artists in Residence to work alongside staff to create work of lasting value that will inspire visitors, scholars and staff during and beyond the residency, based around the theme Voices from a Disused Quarry – a history of the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Early days at ‘The Quarry’

We imagine that these three month residencies will be an immersive experience as our resident artists explore themes of memory, sense of place, community, environmental quest and technical endeavor, embedded in an organization undergoing significant change, using messages from the past to explore visions for the future. There will be flexibility for the artists to agree a timetable that suits their practice and responds to the project expectation, following the induction period, and in conjunction with the host.

We have deliberately placed the residencies in a time period 40 years to the day when the first ‘settlers’ arrived at the disused quarry, to allow our Artists to sit within an appropriate historical ‘timescape’, which to our minds means landscape of the past. Signs of the old quarry are very much visible and we would like our artists to make full use of the atmosphere of the place to conceptualize and construct their work. We hope to make available two old quarry workers and community cottages as workshop spaces, to enable this process more fully.

An early wind turbine

We would also like our Artists to meet and engage with staff and visitors to explore the themes of memory and heritage and the communication of environmental ideas. To help in this process the resident artists will work alongside Residency Facilitator Ariana Jordao, Author and Oral History Curator Allan Shepherd and Archive Curator and coiner of the term ‘Alternative Technology’ Peter Harper. Both Allan and Peter have worked at the Centre for over two decades and will be a valuable resource for connecting with staff and enabling the Artists to access the material (in all senses of the word) they need to enrich this process.

Details of the vacancy can be found on the Centre’s vacancy page at There is also an application form in Welsh.


Saif Canolfan y Dechnoleg Amgen mewn hen chwarel yng nghanolbarth Cymru. Cymuned arbrofol â llond llaw o arloeswyr amgylcheddol oedd y Ganolfan ar y dechrau, yn ystod gaeaf 1974, ac mae wedi tyfu’n sefydliad addysgol sy’n adnabyddus ledled y byd erbyn hyn. Rydym am i’n hartistiaid preswyl weithio ochr yn ochr â’r staff i greu gwaith o werth parhaol, a fydd yn ysbrydoli ymwelwyr, ysgolheigion a staff yn ystod ac ar ôl y prosiect preswyl, ac a fydd yn seiliedig ar y thema Lleisiau hen chwarel – hanes Canolfan y Dechnoleg Amgen.


“Rydym wedi mynd ati’n fwriadol i osod y prosiectau preswyl mewn cyfnod sydd 40 mlynedd yn union ers i’r ‘ymsefydlwyr’ cyntaf gyrraedd yr hen chwarel. Rydym wedi gwneud hynny er mwyn galluogi ein hartistiaid i fod mewn tirwedd hanesyddol briodol o ran amser, sef tirwedd y gorffennol. Mae olion yr hen chwarel yn dal yn amlwg iawn, a hoffem pe bai ein hartistiaid yn manteisio i’r eithaf ar naws y lle wrth gysyniadoli a chreu eu gwaith.” Allan Shepherd