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For the next couple of weeks, the biology department will take over our blog, facebook and twitter pages. They will talk to you about their day to day jobs as well as their research projects.

The biology department deals with the water and sewage treatment of the whole site. At CAT we are not on the mains but have our own water supply. Rainfall (of which we get more than our fair share) from a couple of small upland catchments is collected in our reservoir. From here it can flow one of two ways; either through hydro turbines to generate some electricity, or down to the site for drinking, cooking, bathing and sanitation. The domestic water is treated to drinking standards by a three stage process involving, storage, slow sand filtration, and disinfection by UV filters.

CAT has no connection to mains sewage either and our wastewater needs to be treated independently. Because of our function as an education centre we employ a mixture of treatment systems to demonstrate alternatives. Most sewage is treated using reedbeds. The system uses no electricity or chemicals but is powered by gravity and utilises natural micro-biological processes to break down the sewage materials into minerals, gasses, and water.

The biology department also manages 15 acres of woodlands, as well as testing the capacity of charcoal, made on site, to act as a soil improver. They are also working on other projects like mushrooms propagation.

Stay connected to learn more about the different aspects of working in the biology department.

Meet the team
Meet the team