War on slugs. Here are some the suggestions for dealing with slugs from our Facebook and twitter friends

War on slugs. Here are some the suggestions for dealing with slugs from our Facebook and twitter friends

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by Roger Maclennan Gardens

I heard a way of dealing with them the other day, which has stayed with me….cut them in half and put on bird table……at first i was like yukkk but then , if I want to kill them , just do it…..then at least they are food for others, not poisened or drowned etc……..but can I?

Spray the Homeopathic remedy Helix Tosta 6x on the plants once – in three day’s they’ll be slug free.

Breed ducks, let them roam the garden, eat the ducks.

beer traps! bury a jar in the soil so the top is just above dirt, then half fill with beer. come back in the morning and it will be full of drowned slugs.

I’ve not tried it personally, but our ecology lecturer at uni had a lot to say about learning to identify different species of slugs; apparently leaving the carnivorous ones alone is a good idea, as their main diet is other slugs!


pick um up and feed them to me chick chicks, they love a slug or a snail, its both gross and entertaining watching them fight… makes nice eggs too,

Eggshells around plants keep them at away from them. I also heard but have not tried yet, putting wood out at night in the garden, the slugs get onto the wood, then you feed them to your chickens in the early morning.

A big hammer??

course if you have chickens and are trying to grow anything then slugs are the least of your problems. They are so smart, havnt found a way to proptect seedlings that they havnt found a way round, latest is using old 2 litre coke bottles, just waiting to finnd them dug up or something bizare, ill have to take some picks…

Coffee grounds are supposed to be good at detering them. I also heard that mowing the lawn on a damp night is good at disposing of slugs but perhaps not good for the neighbours! LOL. Sharp grit is good too, Oh and dumping them in the green weelie bin when desperate…… Only the small ones as the big ones are detritus eaters.

the copper thing never works for me so I’m afraid I use the microbes.

finding what the slugs *don’t* eat, and growing that instead!

They don’t like plutonium, so err.. do nothing.

upturned orange skins (the hide underneath)
also a copper wire apparently gives them an electric shock, but could be expensive.
and carrying on from Tims carnivorous point, apparently slugs with tiger patterned backs eat other slugs.

Toss em over into next doors garden:-)

I’ve heard that garlic powder sprinkled liberally around delicate plants can be very effective…

My friend swears by vaseline mixed with salt smeared round the sides of pots and raised beds.

Hair clippings (get from the hair dressers) and bran – they eat it and it dries them out. Of course only good in dry weather.

Essential oil of garlic – couple of drops per watering can of water. They hate it and will go next door all by themselves.


They dont travel across water so you can make a moat if growing in pots.

Scissors in the moonlight.

“Nemaslug” microscopic nematode worms that eat the slugs from the inside which I think is as fitting an end as they deserve. They come as a beige powder in a sealed plastic pack and you add it to a watering can. I don’t know why Nemaslug is not available in shops, but I buy it from greengardener.co.uk.

Coarse sandpaper round your pots and raised beds. They don’t like slithering over it!!

If it rains in the daytime and stops when it gets dark, grab a torch and a brick and go for it! Two or three rounds of that (getting the little pink ones, they seem to be the most grief) and they’ll all b***er off!