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150 world leaders and a lot of inspiring speeches- but what is actually happening in Paris. We have been scouring the news and recommend the following sites to keep up with what is happening at the UNFCCC conference.


One of the key ways to keep up with what is going on at the Paris climate talks in through virtual particpation. The UNFCCC has numerous social media outlets and a live webcast where you can watch the main meetings.


Rolling coverage of events inside the conference including a useful at a glance list of key points.  Many of the world leaders have now left the summit  and now it’s time for the negotiators to try  to turn a 50-page text into a deal that 195 countries can agree on, in less than a fortnight

Greenpeace- Energy Desk

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The Greenpeace 1st day round up looks at speeches from leaders of the world’s biggest economies and includes this rather amusing tweet from Geoffery Lean. Greenpeace are providing a handy daily digest with the main news condensded into an easily readable format.


Carbon Brief

Provide a fantastic daily briefing on climate change and related news. Their coverage from yesterday includes  John Key, prime minister of New Zealand presenting Chrisitne Figueres with the official communique from the fossil fuel subsidy reform group made up of non G20 countries. They also look at the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), a coalition of 20 countries from Afghanistan and Bangladesh to the Philippines, Rwanda and Vietnam, who issued a declaration calling for the Paris agreement to include a 1.5C temperature limit.

The Guardian

Has an excellent range of articles covering all aspects of the climate summit, from the leaders speeches, to side events to what’s happening outside. If you are a footy fan we recommend this guide to the Paris climate talks understood through football teams.

New Internationalist

Meanwhile outside the main conference centre the New Internationalist is providing rolling coverage of civil society events. Notably indigenous communties held a healing ceremony for Paris in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks last week. Furthermore despite bans on demonstrations and marches many are going ahead. Filipino climate campaigner Leon Dulce explains why he will be resisting the bans.