Where was climate change at the leaders debate?

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A response from the Centre for Alternative Technology regarding the political leaders debate held on the 2nd of April 2015.

The future of the planet was not on the agenda at last night’s leaders debate.  Climate change is a very real and serious threat and the transition to a green, clean economy is the debate we urgently need to be having.  Many of the solutions to environmental issues we face, such as investing  in renewable energy can provide thousands of new jobs and help build a resilient economy.  It is vital that tackling the climate crisis is put on the agenda for this general election- and stays there. manifestometer

Adrian Ramsay, CEO of CAT said ” 2015 is election year and, with so many election promises, we need to know which political parties’ candidates will deliver the changes needed for a safe climate, it is unthinkable that this crucial issue was barely mentioned at last night’s leaders debate”

The Centre for Alternative Technology is Europe’s leading eco-centre, we will be following political parties closely during the general election using our manifestometer to analyse party manifestos and their potential in the difficult but essential task of cutting greenhouse gases. The CAT manifestometer asks a series of questions around the issue of climate change to determine whether election pledges are rooted in the scientific evidence.