‘Woefully little’ in budget to address climate crisis

‘Woefully little’ in budget to address climate crisis

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Responding to today’s budget announcement, CAT CEO Adrian Ramsay said:

“The government is fiddling while the planet burns. Released just weeks after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a stark warning on the impacts of rising global temperatures, there was woefully little in this budget to address the climate crisis.”

“The evidence demands urgent and effective climate action – so where were the fiscal measures that could help us to build a zero carbon Britain? Where were the incentives for home insulation and renewable energy? Where were the new taxes on fossil fuels? Where was the investment in public transport, walking and cycling?”

“We have only a few years in which to address the climate crisis – the science is very clear on that. We must reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the next 20-30 years if we are to avert dangerous levels of climate change. CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain research shows how this could be done using technology available today – now we need the government to step up and show real leadership. By any measure, this budget fails to deliver on climate.”