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We are now taking bookings for our ‘Short Term Volunteers’ who come and get involved with various tasks at CAT and stay here for one or two weeks. This is your chance to come and experience CAT from “behind the scenes”.

Short-term volunteers come to help with our work for certain pre-arranged weeks in the spring and summer each year. They are asked to contribute for bed & board – £70 per week.

We always recommend that potential volunteers have a good think about why they want to come in the light of what we have to offer. Volunteers have the chance to learn and experience what we are doing through working, talking to people, consulting information material and the Bookshop, etc. It is very much up to the individual.

A variety of different work tasks are undertaken in each volunteer week, from gardening to helping build a fence and an element of flexibility is essential (especially dependent on the weather!).

Dates run from the start of April until the end of September. More information is available at www.cat.org.uk/volunteers, and you can contact michelle.clarke@cat.org.uk, 01654 705955 for a list of dates.