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During the Zero Carbon Britain research phase which led up to the launch of our new report, Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future, and now into the communications phase, we’ve had lots of individuals and organisations contributing their thoughts and ideas relating to ZCB – what it might mean for society and what might help us get there – in our ‘ZCB and …‘ discussion paper series.

Here’s a new contribution from the Community Innovation for Sustainable Energy (CISE) research project. The project studies community energy projects in the UK, and involves researchers in the Sussex Energy Group (SPRU) at the University of Sussex, and 3S at the University of East Anglia. Here’s what they have to say by means of introduction. You can read the full paper here.

In our article ZCB and Community Energy: Models of a Zero Carbon Future we outline some of the challenges and opportunities community energy projects face in the UK.

Community energy projects are very diverse and involve a variety of activities from awareness raising campaigns to energy saving measures and renewable energy installations. People and groups involved in developing such projects are also diverse and motivated by issues such as saving money on heating bills and doing their bit for climate change. However, they usually face challenges such as organising finance, filling in planning applications and getting the right people with the right skills to work together.

What is impressive about these projects is that they are often run by people with great enthusiasm and drive to make positive things happen in their neighbourhoods. These community groups form an integral part of a Zero Carbon Britain and we can all learn from them.

The full two-page discussion paper, ZCB and Community Energy: Models of a Zero Carbon Future, is available to read online or download free of charge here.

For more information, and access to the latest findings of the CISE research, visit: http://grassrootsinnovations.org