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The shift to zero carbon is one of the most exciting opportunities in human history. It offers huge benefits in better housing, affordable and accessible transport, reduced obesity, improved health, cleaner air and more jobs.

By increasing our sense of connection with community and nature, we can transform isolated, stressful, consumer-focused lifestyles and find better physical and psychological wellbeing.

There are many powerful lessons from history that show that how quickly collective thinking, and action, can change – sometimes in just a few years.

And we want to do it: there is a growing synergy between actively campaigning for a climate safe world and our desire to build it for ourselves.

The UN Paris Agreement recognises that all countries must eliminate carbon emissions by mid-century to have a chance of preventing dangerous climate chaos.

For over a decade, the Centre for Alternative Technology’s Zero Carbon Britain scenarios have been demonstrating that humanity has all the tools and technologies needed to reach zero emissions.

Our latest report Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen offers a toolkit to helpZero Carbon Britain - Making it Happen overcome the barriers – bringing together insights from psychology, sociology, political science, economics and social sciences, as well as faith and spiritual practice, arts and culture.

We want to invite you to join us, and get up-skilled in the latest solutions-focused research.  The Zero Carbon Britain short course offers a chance to relax, re-think, get a taster of new ways of mind-full wellbeing and cross fertilise ideas with like-minded people.

Come and join us. The next short course will run 5th – 7th September. To book, click here.