ZCBlog: From Zero Carbon Britain to Zero Carbon World

ZCBlog: From Zero Carbon Britain to Zero Carbon World

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Barely a week off the press and ZCB is already proving helpful in showing positive futures are possible for the world over, not just for the UK.

An excellent interactive infographic launched today by the UK Tar Sands Network uses ZCB data to show that “everyone on the planet can have a high-quality lifestyle, fuelled by existing clean energy technologies.”

Danny Chivers, the researcher behind the infographic, said:

“We’re constantly told by governments and industry that we need fossil fuels to power the world. This simply isn’t true.”

Adding, as ZCB has stated previously, that “the barriers are not technological, but political.

Two Energy Futures from the UK Tar Sands Network

The infographic shows two possible ‘energy futures’, reinforcing the statement made by ZCB about the growing disconnect between physics and politics.

The first, ‘Fossil-Fuelled Future’, is the future the International Energy Agency forecasts. This future is not the worst-case scenario – it’s the best that politicians and businesses are currently offering us. In this world, global temperatures will rise by at least 4 to 6°C this century, making catastrophic climate change inevitable.

The second ‘Cleaner Fairer Future’ draws on our new Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future report to show that currently available renewable energy technologies can meet the energy needs of our growing global population in an equal and environmentally sensitive way, giving us a decent chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

Jess Worth, from the UK Tar Sands Network, said:

“We’re standing at a crossroads. It’s time for humanity to make a choice. […] There are people all over the planet taking action to ensure a cleaner, fairer world. We hope that this website will arm them with the information they need to help bring about a fossil-free energy future.

Explore the infographic: twoenergyfutures.org

For more information about the UK Tar Sand Network: www.no-tar-sands.org