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hi there

I excited to be this weeks CAT’s ‘face of facebook’!! My name is Paul Allen, and I am the external relations director at CAT. My background is in Electrical Engineering, in fact I first joined CAT 22 years ago as an electronic engineer working with Dulas Ltd, before they became a separate company. Back then I worked on control systems for small-scale renewable systems for the UK and on solar powered medial systems for installation in Eritrea and other places overseas.

Today my current role is ‘External Relations Director’. This means acting like an antenna for CAT, so we keep in touch with what others are doing across the UK and beyond, and ensuring others find out about the work we have been doing here. So as you can imagine it means a lot of time on the road (or rather the rails as I don’t drive!) I am also hading up CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain project, exploring the detail of what sort of Britain we will actually need to have by 2030, and how we might create it.

I am preparing to begin this week’s travels, which, bearing in mind the very cold weather, looks like it is going to be quite a week. Tomorrow morning I set off to Cardiff for my very first meeting as part of the Science Advisory Council for Wales. This is an expert group established by Wales Chief scientist to inform the Welsh Assembly.


Then on Wednesday I leave Cardiff for Brussels by Eurostar to make a presentation of CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain 2030 Report in the European Parliament at an event hosted by our MEP Jill Evans. This event will highlight a range of scenarios to researchers, policy makers and NGOs. The aim is to spur discussion and debate on how greenhouse-gas emissions could be eliminated completely from a long-industrialised society. The event is also intended to engage those interested in developing such research for their own country or region, sharing details on approach and methodology.

I then return to the UK ready for Saturday where I have been invited by the Campaign against Climate Change to present Zero Carbon Britain 2030 at their National Climate March in London alongside Caroline Lucas MP, Michael Meacher MP, Ben Brangwyn from the Transition Network plus others

I hope you will enjoy following my story as the week progresses, it looks like it will be a very exciting week!!